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Just A Little Taste (5/6)

Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: JK owns, and I perv over the boys and think of them engaged in sexual activity. Happy?
Title: Just A Little Taste
Author: Sisika
Beta: None
Pairing :H/D
Warning: Slash! Yes, Slash! Because guess what? It rocks a girl's socks! Yes, average heterosexual man, you're suspicion is right, we'd like you so much better if you could tell us if we look good in that skirt and if you enjoyed shagging men. :D
Rating: PG-13 (But there will be sex! I promise!)

Just A Little Taste




“Who would’ve guessed you were so romantic?!” Pandey’s new wife Janice cooed at Draco, as they all gathered around one table, the people from his restaurant. Draco grimaced and Amelie threw him a wounded look.

Harry smiled at them in a proud way and then turned to Draco, trailing his hands on Draco’s inner thighs, sliding them down to his knees, pretending he couldn’t feel Draco’s erection every time they danced on the slippery convertible floor to “Your Song” and said “Yes, he’s such a grouch isn’t he? But I suppose you love the men you love for a reason.”

Janice nodded enthusiastically and continued with her story of the first time Pandey had kicked her out of the bed and mewled.

Draco and Pandey both felt embarrassment so acute that night, neither would forget it.


Harry had never expected Draco to have so many friends. He never went out, except for work, rarely got any post or floo calls, and well, his temperament... Best not tease that subject.

Harry had never expected to go to a wedding and wish, valiantly, that it was his. “Harry!”

Harry turned around and found the groom running towards him, interrupting his musing. “Hey.” Harry shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his tuxedo, and looked expectantly at Anirudh.

“He loves you. Don’t hurt him.” And with that Pandey disappeared so abruptly into the dusk surrounding the marquee that Harry barely had time to blink, let alone think.


A/N A very short chapter, I know, but it's two at once!! Like a buy one get one free! And I'll definitely be posting the last one next week, or sooner. :D


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Tags: chef!draco, drarry, fanfic, fluff, h/d, hp, nc-17, pg-13

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