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Drabble: For The Future

Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the boys. And the girls that slashers don't care about. And the whole HP universe. I make no money from this. All I get is the seriously good slashyness. Hell yeah! :D
Title: For The Future
Beta: None.
Pairing: H/D (Beacuse who else is there?) 
Warning: Slash. (Yeah that's right folks, it's two men! Shocking isn't it?) Angst. (Because they're atractive when they cry) and Implied MPreg. (H/D babies? Hell, yes!) 
Rating: PG. to PG-13. For the Brits, think 12.

Summary: The first time had been a shock, so convinced were the men in their own virility. The second time a mere setback, but by the ninth time, both men wondered if there was something wrong, if it was the potions, or them.



When Draco looked out the window in the morning it was a dull grey, like his eyes, clouds had shrouded the summer sun, and when he pushed his nose to the cool double glazed windows, he was reminded of a time long years ago when he’d done this, a lot less apprehensive.

He’d wished for something, anything, a good omen, but nothing had showed.Not a bird to be seen in the sky, not a voice to be heard, only the sound of the steady wind and the next door neighbour’s swing creaking.

“You’re up.”

Draco resisted the urge to make a snarky comment, Harry wouldn’t appreciate it, for he too was as  nervous Draco, maybe even more. “Yes. I’ll go get us tea.” He didn’t look at Harry as he left the room, scared that he’d see his own fears there, and he didn’t need that, couldn’t have that.

“Don’t be like that Draco. It’ll be good this time.”

Draco shook his head and still refused to look at his Harry, his brave, fearless Gryffindor hero, sounding like a scared child without his favourite teddy bear.


“The process is long and very, very complicated, but the worst thing is Mr. Potter and Malfoy, it’s got a very low success rate. You many never conceive at all gentlemen, as after a certain age magical procedures of this calibre can’t be supported by a less than young body.”


The first time had been a shock, so convinced were the men in their own virility. The second time a mere setback, but by the ninth time, both men wondered if there was something wrong, if it was the potions, or them.

Draco’s eyes lacked the brightness when Harry touched him, and made him writhe, and Harry went through the motions some nights, hollow and worried why this child, their baby, remained so elusive.

The hospital room had come to haunt their dreams and their minds, never far from their conversations, smiles and heartaches. It was stuffy, and oppressive in here, each corner of it a reminder of their failures. There was a chart on the bare white washed wall detailing the procedures Draco’d been going through for months. Harry stared at it, wondering how something that looked so simple on paper, be destroying their relationship, and Draco.

Crushed dreams were silent killers, just like cigarette smoke and cancer.

“Hello gentlemen.” Their healer was nice enough, mid fifties, blond hair streaked with grey, short, plump, and matronly, but she too was affected by their constant disappointment, she'd seen them cry after futile attempts, and she knew better than to try and make small talk.

Draco twisted in his chair, Harry fidgeted. Draco pulled at the threads of his worn “D” Weasley jumper, and Harry looked at his feet.

“You’ve conceived.”

Draco didn’t faint, didn’t whoop in joy, and Harry didn’t either. What was the correct response to such situations? He’d never conceived before.

When the laughter bubbled from his mouth, it sounded a tad hysterical. Draco joined in, and their Healer left the room.

They’d found their future.

The End.

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Tags: angst, fanfic, for the future, h/d, sisika

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